1 Question That Will Make You a Better Leader

I was facilitating a group sales training event recently where the objective was to discover a way for each member of the sales team to take an ownership or CEO role in their career. It seems there can often be a divide between the sales force and the operations team at companies, but that doesn’t have to be that way it stays.


Here are the questions I used to give  the sales team a way to become great leaders and begin to think of themselves as CEO’s of their careers.

The first step is to stop blaming anyone for anything. Instead ask yourself this question…

“How can I _______________”

For example…”How can I help my operations team complete clients orders faster?”

When we ask ourselves “How can I” questions, it empowers us to take ownership. No one is perfect. We each can grow if we choose.

Once you have asked yourself that question then follow up with these two personal power statements.

  1. “I can ______________” and
  2. “I will ______________”

Here is how this may look.

“How can I help my operations team produce the order faster for our client?”

“I can do a better job at submitting complete paperwork to my operations team and I will begin doing this with the current client I have just secured.”

If sales will begin asking “how can I” questions and operations will begin asking “how can I questions” it won’t be long until your culture will produce more leaders, happier clients and more profits.


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