3 Personal Branding Lessons We Can Learn from the Richard Sherman Interview

The sports world, social media and even people who don’t watch football were talking last night about the post game interview between the Seattle Seahawks player, Richard Sherman and the reporter, Erin Andrews. There has been no shortage of comments, post and opinions flying around since this interview.


I watched the game, which was a hard-hitting slug fest and the interview after, and here are 3 branding lessons we can learn from the Richard Sherman interview

1. The Unexpected Can Cause People to Talk

Whether you agree or disagree with Richard Sherman’s behavior, the one fact that can not be argued is that this interview has caused people to talk. As I have studied branding, I have come to the conclusion that you will always have a tribe of fans who love you and a tribe who want to berate you. This is certainly the case with Richard Sherman. I have watched plenty of “on the field” interviews after a football game and Richard came out blasting his opponent and claiming his status as the best in the league. I promise you that no one, even Erin Andrews, expected that outburst. It was…unexpected. Lesson to be learned: When you hit the market in a big, unexpected way, getting ready for people to chime in with their opinions.

2. Speaking Up Can Cause People to Share Their Opinions

Have you ever noticed that when a person passionately shares their emotions, people get fired up…on one side or another. There is no doubting Richard Sherman’s passion last night. Emotions are transferable and from the massive amount of comments, tweets, and facebook post the emotions were transferred to the masses. Before last night there was a whole segment of people, including myself, who were completely unfamiliar with Richard Sherman…not today. More people know about him today than the number who knew about him before. Lesson to be learned: Your voice will cause people to talk and you may not like what some say, so be prepared.

3. The Media Can Spread Your Message Like Wildfire, especially if it’s controversial

I do not know if he planned his response or if it was raw emotion, but what I do know is that passionately expressing your thoughts to a reporter and a National audience will launch your message faster than any other medium available today. Lesson to be learned: Be ready for the response when you share your message with the media.

At the end of the day there are going to be some people who are fine with his interview, others not so much, but the one thing I do know is that people are talking about him and that is not all bad, contrary to what some may think. In fact, I have noticed that the haters of a person or brand often times spread the brand more than the fans.

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