3 Ways to Get Your Offer Accepted in a Hot Real Estate Market

There has been a real estate boom in multiple cities across the USA. So much so, that many cities are experiencing a housing shortage. If a home is priced right, it may very well have competing offers within hours of the listing going live. How can you be assured that your offer will be the one the sellers accept?


Here are three ways to get the sellers to accept your offer…

1. Hire an agent that dresses professionally. First impressions count and they count a lot! Your agent is a representation of you and if they are well groomed and dress professionally, you offer has a better chance of being taken seriously.

2. Have your agent submit a well written, clean offer. If you offer has all of the blanks completed, is limited in request, and is easy to read then you will be showing the sellers you are serious.

3. Include a personal connection letter. Make sure you write a personal letter to the sellers that you want presented at the same time as your offer. Be open, honest and truthful about why their home would be perfect for your family.

My opinion is that these three ways should be the norm in any market, but when it is a sellers market you must ensure that you have given yourself every advantage possible to win the bid on the home you love.


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