5 Real Examples of Facebook Post You Can Replicate to Build Your Personal Brand

In life you will either intentionally become known for something that you decide or people will put their own label on you. I joined Facebook in 2008 and had zero idea of what I was doing, what this platform would mean or how it would be used in the future. I have always been an early adopter of technology and I am unafraid to experiment. 8 years later I have discovered just a portion of the enormous power of Facebook to build your brand, your influence, and your connections. Here are five post I have discovered over the years you can make that will drive your personal brand.


Before we begin, I found the very first Facebook post I made…don’t laugh 🙂


  1. Quotes…especially picture quotes. I discovered the power of picture quotes about 4 years ago. I was going through a challenging time with some recent disappointments and I began to “journal” daily affirmations on my Facebook page. It began as my way of intentionally working on my own personal development and truthfully working to get out of the slump I was in. I called the post The Daily Difference and have been faithfully posting them every morning between 7 and 8AM. When I began they received little if any attention, but 4 years later they have been shared, liked and commented on thousands of times. What I discovered is that people love morning motivation and you can build a personal brand around being the provider of that content. Here is an example of a recent Daily Difference.


  2. Special occasions. People love to see special occasions such as births, weddings, graduations, and other special moments in life.


  3. Pets. I can’t count the number of funny pet videos I have seen on Facebook. If you own a pet, then sharing their life can really explode your social media wall. Here is one of our Christmas cards we made with our two cocker spaniels.


  4. Life achievements. Have you lost weight or achieved a goal? These make for great post to share on Facebook and create authentic post that just about everyone can relate to in some way.weightloss
  5. Authentic moments. What can we say, the most shared video on Facebook was Chewbacca Mom. It was funny, spontaneous and authentic! Here was a an authentic moment I shared when we completed the 5k Color Run. I was exhausted.

    And as a bonus post, I like a post where you ask a question to get people engaged in the conversation. This is a book cover post I made asking people to help me decide on a cover. This post had over 300 comments! WOW! That is a long way from that first post I made in 2008.

    What I have learned that it is called Social Media, not business media. The more you share authentically and engage others online, the more your brand will grow.

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