5 Takeaways from the Founder of Nike in His New Book

I love books, especially biographies that tell us the behind the scenes reality of the grit, determination, and sweat that goes into building a business. I just finished reading Shoe Dog by Phil Knight and here are my big three takeaways…


  1. Start small but take a chance. When Phil first began the company it wasn’t called Nike. In fact, he came up with the name Blue Ribbon Sports on the spot in a meeting with a shoe manufacturer in Japan. His quick thinking is one of the many fascinating stories in the book about the growth of the company. He also did not know at the time what the company may become, he just kept hustling shoes out of the back of his car.
  2. Starting out is about the hustle. Phil often worked a full time job while growing the shoe business at night and on the weekends. Too many people grossly under estimate the time, energy, and effort required to get your business off the ground.
  3. Face the fight head on. Nothing worth having comes easy and you will face battles that you may never see coming, but if you want the dream bad enough, you will endure the fight.
  4. Growth happens with a team. Each of us has a cap on what we can accomplish individually, but when we build a team of passionate and dedicated members, there is nothing we can’t accomplish together
  5. Branding is key. We each must find a way to stand out from the competition. You will be fascinated by the story of the orange shoe box and how it came to be in the book. You can buy the book here

You can also watch the trailer for the book here…

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