3 Reasons to Start Developing Your Personal Brand Now

Have you looked around and thought…”this world is changing faster than I can even keep up with?”


The reality is that the world is changing FAST! We have seen companies downsize, merge and even go out of business…but what about you?

In the past creating a personal brand had a lot to do with character, integrity and work ethic. It still does, but now we have all new platforms to build our own brands. We don’t need a major publisher to have our own book.

We can instantly become a “TV” star with a cell phone and a YouTube account. And the reality is that many people are using these various forms to publish information, but they don’t always think through their personal brand.

Several years ago I was coaching 35 clients per month in the mortgage industry. This was just before the cataclysmic collapse and subsequent government overhaul of mortgage lending. When the dominoes started to fall many of these loan officers were finding themselves out of work. Companies were closing left and right. Several of them had taken my advice an began building their personal brand…they did well. Others had “just not gotten around to it” and they struggled.

What I have discovered is that your personal brand is critical to your success in sales and business.

Here are 3 reasons you need to start building your personal brand, yesterday…

  1. Economy. The economy rules the companies decisions, but their decisions don’t have to rule you
  2. Psychology. People want to do business with experts and positioning your personal brand as the expert attracts clients
  3. Opportunity. The tools are available to everyone! Blogging, video production, book writing, and even podcasting can be done if you are willing

So what do you think? Have you started building your personal brand? Tell me more about it in the comments section below.


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I help clients who want to take their personal brand to proven #1 expert status. My clients are big thinkers, visionaries a rebels who are not afraid to play big and are willing to invest their time, energy and money into building their brand, making a difference and leaving a legacy.

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