VIDEO: This Powerful Revelation Launched My Business, See Why

Hey! Good morning everybody. It’s morning with Tim! Success coaching to go! Really excited about today’s video something I wanted to share with you. I have been looking forward to share this video from quite some time and today’s the day. Here is what I want to talk to you about . I want to talk to you about the concept of Just one . You may be saying Hey Tim! What is Just one? How does it apply to me and how it is going to apply to my business? Let me share that with you right now.

In business and in life, often time all you need is just one more contact, just one great meeting, just one word if information, one word of encouragement. You can do this. We just need one, one person that we need to meet, once connection, one networking event, one customer .There are just so many one’s in life. You know as I look back over my life, over my career.

I remember going up in the projects as a kid not having a lot of money. I remember it was just one counselor who said you know what you can go to college and I can show you how and then in college when I needed to get a job to support myself and keep going and keep staying in college it was just one person who said hey you know what I have a job for you and you can work here and then as I got through college I met more just one’s in life.

And then when I got out from school. I was really looking to start my career, it was just one person who said hey Tim you know what I m going you give you a shot here at this company and then as my career progressed even more and I opened my own company it was just one person you see who said you know what there is something special you are doing there and I want to share that with all my clients.

No matter what you are fighting through, no matter what you are trying to accomplished out there in life, whatever your dream is .Just remember you are just one away! If you like today’s video give me a favor Share it! There is share button above, share button below, even comments. I would love to talk to you about what you thought about today’s video and don’t forget as I always say Go out and make a difference because that is for you and we are design to do .Talk to you soon with another success coaching video real soon. Take Care!

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