7 Steps to Create a Memorable Voice Mail Greeting

I am always experimenting around with marketing and over the years I have discovered that your voice mail message is a great marketing tool if you design it strategically. No matter how successful you are, there will be times that people get your voice mail. My big question is…does it cause them to want to do business with you and send you referrals?



My voice mail message has changed over the years; however, I consistently have people say how much they like the message. I am going to give you my checklist for making your voice mail earn you more business, plus I will add examples of voice mail messages I have had on my phone. (Please excuse the quality of the recording)

I always record my voice mails as if I am speaking to someone I have not met. I think of it like my 60 second elevator speech.

Here’s how to use your voice mail get you more business:

  1. Have an upbeat tone to your voice
    Excitement is contagious! I have heard sales professionals voice mails that sound drab, dull and boring. Ask yourself, how do you sound? Are you energetic and excited? Are you “smiling” when you record your message? Having an upbeat message puts a pep in the step of your prospects.
  2. Mention your title –
    If you are know as the #1 agent in a particular area say so. Or maybe you have a catchy name like the “House Seller” or the “Queen of Nashville Condo’s” Whatever your title is, be sure to mention that up front in your message.
  3. Describe who you work with –
    Be sure to identify who you are looking to meet. Be specific. Don’t just say anyone. If you want to sell more homes to first time buyers, say so. Just remember, we have not, because we ask not.
  4. Describe how you help people –
    Say one or two ways you help people. People only buy results, so let them know the results you get when people choose you as their agent.
  5. Give them instructions –
    Let them know what you want them to do next. If you want them to leave you a message, send you a text or visit a website, be sure to let them know.
  6. Ask for referrals –
    Pleas, please, please let them know that you want and need referrals
  7. End on a positive note –
    Do you have a catch phrase or quote you love? Mention that in your message. Always leave them excited that they called.

Like I said before, this is my formula and has worked extremely well for me. Give it a shot, after all your voice mail greeting is free marketing space – use it wisely!

Examples of voice mail messages from my phone (Please excuse recording the quality) Once you have listened, leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts

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