How does an “At-Risk” kid from a single parent home in the projects start multiple businesses, write a best selling book and get a the opportunity to speak on the same stage with legends like John Maxwell and Tony Robbins?

timandJohnMy story in one sentence is that I’m a kid from the projects who made it out because the grace of God, the wisdom of mentors and the desire to get off my butt and take action, fail, learn and keep going. My father died when I was only 3 years old. My mom had a 6th grade education. With limited resources, she moved us into government housing and became dependent upon the welfare system, but something didn’t seem right to me.

As I grew older, I began to notice that not everyone was a victim. There were people who were making life work. They were working hard, seizing opportunities and not having to scrape by on bread and water. This was a life I wanted. Going to bed hungry, worrying where the next meal would come from and battling poverty were circumstances I was determined to defeat. Along the way I learned that our present circumstance does not have to dictate our future impact. It takes hard work. It doesn’t come easy. You get knocked down, but if you want it bad enough you get up, find a way and press on. I love helping people take their passion and then position, package and promote them as the local expert. We each have greatness within us and sometimes it needs a locksmith to break it out and unleash it to the world. Now is your time, because if not you, then who?

7 Lessons (and counting) I Have Learned along the Journey

  1. Develop the image of the person you want to become and hold that image until you make it.
  2. You are where you are because of the choices you make, people you surround yourself with, what you read, and who you listen too
  3. Your current circumstances do not have to dictate your future potential.
  4. Seek out coaches and mentors, then model the success of others.
  5. Take risk, fail, learn and improve.
  6. Opportunities don’t magically appear, you create them.
  7. Always find a way to bring more value to people than you receive

5 things you may not know about me…

  1. I am a sucker for miniature Reece’s peanut butter cups – I probably need rehab
  2. I love books, but learn better by listening to them on audio
  3. My golf clothing is way better than my golf game
  4. I was a graphic design major in college
  5. My spelling is so bad, the computer often can’t even provide a suggestion

5 reasons individuals choose to work with me

  1. They want to improve their image, brand and message
  2. They want to stay focused on their sweet spot and have and expert handle their branding
  3. They have a burning desire to position themselves as the expert in their industry
  4. They want the accountability and to be pushed to the next level
  5. They want results!

5 reasons companies choose to hire me to speak, train and consult

  1. They want a straightforward assessment of their people, process and product
  2. They want their people to get inspired, take action and produce results
  3. They want to improve their people and their profits
  4. They want the truth, not fluff
  5. They want results!

5 reasons event planners hire me to speak at their events and conferences.

  1. They want a fun, educational and entertaining speaker
  2. They want their audience to leave inspired and energized to take action
  3. They want real life, practical ideas their audience can implement right now
  4. They are tired of the status-quo and want to ramp their event up with excitement
  5. They want a speaker who lives their talk and is the same off stage as on