Business Lessons from the Pulpit-Leadership Lessons from the Ark

We just got home from an awesome service at church. Maybe it is just me, but so often I see a correlation from God’s word to our businesses. I had to take time and share with you tonight’s lesson and my take. Pastor J. Don George of Calvary Church in Irving Texas was the guest speaker and he taught on Leadership Lessons from the Ark. The lessons and principles are Pastor George’s, the comments after are mine.


Lesson #1: “It wasn’t raining when God told Noah to build the Ark” which reveals the Principle of Timing.

How often do we know that the marketplace is changing but we do not react quick enough. We let fear, intimidation, or lack of knowledge hold us back from changing. The time to make a change in your business is before you are forced to make a change. If you wait until you must change, then you have waited too long. If you need to learn new technology get started today. If you need to get up to speed on social networking, then start today. Don’t wait, because if you do, then you competition will win the customers.

Lesson #2: Experts built the Titanic, but a novice built the ark” which reveals the principle of Qualification

If you wait until you are qualified, then you may never realize your true potential. Much of what I have learned in business has come by try, try, and try again until we get it right. Experience really comes from getting your rear burned. The part about getting good at your business comes from two words – hard work. No one becomes an overnight success. You don’t need a degree, certification, or tattoo to be qualified – you just need the heart, desire, and willingness to try.

Lesson #3: “Cheetahs and turtles travelled at the same speed entering the ark” which reveals the principle of Diversity

We need all types of people and gifts to help us with our business. You can not do it all. Get the right people, with the right gifts to join your business and together you can make something great!

Lesson #4: “The storm outside the ark was not nearly as threatening as the woodpeckers on the inside” which reveals the principle of location.

The economy will be what the economy will be, but what the economy of your business looks like is entirely up to you. If you have negative people inside your company, they can do much more harm to your business than someone on the outsides opinion. There will always be people out to tell you how bad it will be, but it is up to you to keep them at bay and away from your business.

Lesson #5: “The storm ended because no storm last forever” which reveals the principle of Duration.

If you haven’t landed that big account, or your finances are running thin, don’t give in or give up. Keep moving forward and working hard. Business will have cycles, but in the down time, is when you need to press in and press on. Find a new value to provide your clients, add extra value to the current offer, or find ways to reach more clients.

Keep Marketing, Keep Selling, and Keep Making a Difference!

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