Intentional Living By John Maxwell

If I had to choose one word for my coaching it would be intentional. My wish that that if I can impart anything to another person it would be to become intentional about your life and your business. Refuse to allow life to happen to you, but rather become so intentional that you happen to life.


I am a big fan of John’s book Intentional Living and here is why…

Use This Simple Strategy to Grow Your Leadership and Influence

John Maxwell defines leadership as influence, nothing more, nothing less. If you want to grow your influence to build your business, attract better referral partners and gain more referrals you can use this crazy simple mind hack to become a better leader.


Here it is…start seeing to yourself as a leader. The secret to our success begins in our mind. How we see ourselves is how we develop and how other ultimately begin to see us as well. Leadership has zero to do with the title on your business card. If you are a loan officer, then you need to first see yourself as a leader. If you are a real estate agent, start seeing yourself as a leader. Even if you answer phones, take orders or sweep floors, I want to inspire you to begin seeing yourself as a leader.

Here’s why…

When you begin to self identify as a leader, you will begin to act like a leader. You will want to learn and grow. you will begin to see what you do as an influence on what others do and over time you will begin to invest in your own personal growth that you will build influence over the people you come in contact with everyday. Leadership is not a title we are given, it is a lifetime of learning that we grow into and that growth begins first in your mind.

What will you begin to do once your change your self image to that of a leader?

How I lost 75 Pounds

I never really considered myself overweight even though I was severely obese. I would simply lie to myself and buy bigger pants. I was disappointed every time I went to buy clothes, but as my friend David Dutton says, “I wasn’t pissed off enough to do anything about it!”


The turning point for me was in 2007. Here’s what happened next…

5 Thought Provoking Questions Everyone Should Consider Regarding Their Dream

Tony Robbins said that we will get better answers once we begin to ask better questions. As I have coached people towards their goals, this has proven to be a major truth. I believe that very often we have the answers buried inside and all we need to develop is the courage to speak our answers out loud.

I have a list of 7 powerful questions. Take a moment to really consider your