How controversy could be good for your business?

Controversy could very well be a good thing. I meet business owners who try and maintain the status quo. They try and serve everyone. They try to please everyone, and the truth is  you just can not make everyone happy.

 © Bjarte Sorensen | Dreamstime Stock Photos

© Bjarte Sorensen | Dreamstime Stock Photos

Jesus was controversial. Sinners loved him, but the religious people rejected him. He did things that were “outside the box” and “not politically correct” during his time. Isn’t the same thing true today? Are you trying to stay in the “safe” box when it comes to your marketing? Are you trying to satisfy the masses or are you looking for those people that are ready, willing, and have ears to hear?

Take our branding for example. Some people will get offended, some will love it. We are looking for both because the one’s who love it will tell their friends and the one’s who don’t will talk just as much which will create the “buzz” we want to have.

Here are some ways to get outside of the box, create a little controversy and create some conversation about your business…

  1. Do video marketing – unedited and raw! People want to see the real you. You don’t need to have everything perfect. Set up a flip camera or just turn on your web cam and go for it. Capture your business in it’s most real state.
  2. Don’t be afraid to be YOU! Stop trying to please everyone. God knew who you were when he made you, so let your personality fly! It will be more honest, more real, and more attractive to your specific group of customers.
  3. Get Up and Speak Up! A great way to create buzz for your business is to find opportunities to speak to groups. Again, be yourself!
  4. Use creative headlines to draw attention! The more creative and “controversial” your headline is, the more people will talk about it. The headline draws them in and the message keeps them.
  5. Be Bold, Be Different! In order to draw attention, do something that is really out of the box. Something that people just would not expect from you.

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