How I lost 75 Pounds

I never really considered myself overweight even though I was severely obese. I would simply lie to myself and buy bigger pants. I was disappointed every time I went to buy clothes, but as my friend David Dutton says, “I wasn’t pissed off enough to do anything about it!”


The turning point for me was in 2007. Here’s what happened next…I had just returned from speaking to over 3000 people at an event with Tony Robbins. I was anxiously awaiting the videos of the event so I could see how I did. When the video arrived, I popped it into the computer and what I saw was the turning point. I saw a 36 year old struggling to walk the stairs to the stage. I saw a 36 year old who looked almost 50. I saw a man who had let himself go and I got mad as hell.

So I began my journey. It wasn’t fast. It wasn’t easy, but it sure has been worth it.

Here’s what I did…

  1. I stopped drinking sugar filled cokes and tea. I would drink a 12 pack of coke in 2 days in the past, not anymore. I switched to water and unsweet green tea.
  2. I got in the gym. At first I just walked on the treadmill, but over time I worked my way into boot camp classes.
  3. I stopped eating 2nd, 3rd and even 4th servings.

I didn’t get radical. I took it step by step. I started small and kept challenging myself along the way. Today, I am so glad I took these small steps years ago.

I still struggle. I don’t always get excited about going to the gym. I still sneak cookies and doughnuts, but it is in moderation. I have good days, bad days and days that I would just as soon swallow a whole pizza, but I hold onto the image of the person I want to become and that is what keeps me going.

So how about you? Do you struggle with weight? Have you conquered the battle? Leave a comment below and let’s talk about it.


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