3 Steps to Create the Perfect Marketing Message That Drives Business to You

Gone are the days where you can speak about your greatness and all the things you offer to the masses. We live in a world that is becoming increasingly smaller by the day. What I mean by the world getting smaller is that if you want your message to be seen and heard you must embrace a niche audience. Here are some strategies to help you make your message resonate with your audience so they want to but from you.


Begin with identifying the type of customer you want to do business with.

  • Outgoing
  • Driven
  • Professional
  • Charismatic
  • Goal-Oriented
  • Leader
  • Over-Worked
  • Stressed

Second you want to identify their problem, worries, or concerns. Here are some examples…

  • Lack of time
  • Frustration with the process
  • Lack of qualified clients

Third you want to introduce a results based statement that happens in the shortest time possible such as

  • More clients in 30 days with less work

So how would this look once you have your brainstorming complete…

I work with Goal-Oriented, Driven Sales Professionals who are frustrated by a lack of qualified clients fill their pipeline full with ready and willing buyers in 30 days or less.

If you are a loan officer it may look this way…

I work with Goal Oriented Real Estate Agents who are frustrated about poor communication for lenders get their clients closed on time and be in the loop with our communication guarantee.

The system is simple

  1. Identify your perfect target audience
  2. Get clear about their current pain
  3. Offer the solution that solves their pain in the quickest time possible

Speaker, Marketing and Branding Consultant

I help clients who want to take their personal brand to proven #1 expert status. My clients are big thinkers, visionaries a rebels who are not afraid to play big and are willing to invest their time, energy and money into building their brand, making a difference and leaving a legacy.