How to Embrace the Struggle in Sales

We call it the process. Success happens over time, not over night for everyone. No one is immune from the process and there are no lasting shortcuts to success. I have also learned that there is no end to the struggle. The struggle shows up when you lest expect it and it ask you if you have the strength and perseverance to get through. In my life in sales and as a coach here is what I have learned about the struggle.

The Struggle is REAL!

The Struggle Makes You Stronger written on desert road

R stands for RECOGNIZE that your success will come over time, not over night. You will also encounter the struggle. During your process it is critical to understand your strengths and weaknesses. I am an avid believer in assessments to help you identify the areas of your life that you will excel in doing and then find ways to outsource the rest.

E stands for EXPECT the unexpected. In sales you are going to make mistakes. John Maxwell teaches us that we should each fail forward fast. You can expect trouble, but you can also prepare for it in advance by being pro-active and setting up systems and relationships that will see you through the challenges.

A stands for ANTICIPATING the future. This goes to being pro-active in your approach. What can you do to navigate your team and your clients through a systematic process that has already anticipated the bumps in the road?

L stands for LEADERSHIP. One challenge that I make to everyone is to no longer view yourself as your profession, but instead to view yourself as a LEADER in your profession. Leaders take on challenges. Leaders value people. Leaders know the way and go the way while shouldering the blame when things go bad and giving the creadit to their team when wins come their way. If you want to embrace the struggle, you simply can not do it without embracing in your personal and professional growth in Leadership.

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