How to Get National Exposure and Build Your Personal Brand from the Bathroom

I am always looking for ways to help you expand your brand, your reach and your influence but I certainly did not expect what I saw yesterday. There are certain personal branding steps that anyone can implement to build their exposure but there are opportunities that sometimes just show up and you must take advantage of them.


My wife, The Slim Down Diva and I had just finished morning boot camp and were on our way to grab some lunch when I checked my Twitter feed. I was shocked when I saw a tweet from Johnny Quinn about how he found himself locked in the bathroom at his hotel in Sochi. I first met Johnny five years ago when he reached out to me to do some marketing consulting on his business, The Athlete Watch. At the time Johnny shared with me that he was working towards making the 2014 US Olympic Bobsled Team. I had a gut feeling that Johnny Quinn would make the team and he did.

If you have followed any of the 2014 Olympic coverage, you have seen that the accommodations in Sochi have been somewhat troublesome. All you need to do to see what I mean is do a quick hashtag search in twitter of #Sochiproblems – some of the tweets and pictures are hard to believe.

So fast forward to Johnny Quinn. After he realized he was trapped in the bathroom, he did what he felt was necessary to free himself…he busted through the door ala Hulk style. But that is not the branding part! What he did next was send out this tweet…


What happened next is he went viral…FAST! Not as fast as his bobsled, but FAST! But why?

  1. It was outrageous. Everyone knew there were problems, but no one expected they would need to bust through a door
  2. It was timely. People were already posting like crazy about the problems and so he showed up at the right time

The news media jumped all over this story and major networks started covering the “indecent” but what Johnny did next was simply brilliant…he took advantage of the situation with humor.

He ran toward the firestorm he created not from it. He tweeted that he would be on The Today Show talking about #doors. He took a picture of himself standing behind the busted door and tweeted that out to his now 12k and growing followers. In other words, Johnny did not hide from the incident, he jumped all in and in the midst will more than likely be single handily responsible for increased viewership of the men’s bobsled events.


In all truthfulness, I really enjoyed getting to work with and know Johnny. He is as down to earth and real as they come. He has a true passion for helping high school athletes and their parents navigate the transition to collegiate athletics and think about life after sports. He is a gifted speaker, businessman and person. You should follow his twitter feed and if you know of a family who has a high school athlete, you should connect them with Johnny Quinn and The Athlete Watch.

And oh yeah…you know how I am always preaching about getting video testimonials for your business? Here’s why…





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