How to Make True Connections with Your Personal Brand

It's not what you think


Whenever we put on a Personal Branding Mastery Seminar, we always talk about the three baseline fundamental to building your brand. Over the years, these three fundamentals have proven to be the catalyst for numerous opportunities. Never get lost in thinking your brand is about you. Get focused on these three fundamentals first.

  1. Your personal brand is not about you it’s about your client
  2. Your personal brand is about making authentic connections
  3. Bring more value than you extract

We recently adopted a new dog into the house. She is a German Shepard named Landry. One thing I recognized early is that she is incredibly smart to the point that I can use Landry in my own branding. I purchased a leash and collar to match the paintball jacket I wear to speak at the Personal Branding Mastery Seminars and then I made a “selfie” picture with her showing off her new threads. This is step one in “humanizing” Landry. She is a connection point for many people. The more I can bring her into the fold, the more connections we can make. It isn’t about business, it is about connecting following my 5 rules of sales..

  1. Connect first
  2. Start a Conversation
  3. Build a Realtionship
  4. Listen for Problems
  5. Provide Solutions

We even did a podcast on the Power of Pets in Your Business which you can listen to here.

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