How to Take Stunning Pictures of Fireworks with Your iPhone

Every 4th of July you will see people posting pictures of fireworks on social media. If you want to take amazing pictures that people will want to share, I have put together some tips that you can use to make your photos look like a pro.


All you need to take amazing firework pictures is your iPhone

  1. Make sure your iPhone camera is set to HDR. By setting your iPhone camera to HDR, you will be shooting pictures in the highest setting your camera offers. In turn you will get higher resolution better pictures. Here is what that setting looks like on your phone.Pro-HDR-X-iPhone-Photos-6
  2. Next you will want to make sure you hold your iPhone horizontal not vertical. When you take pictures by holding your phone horizontal, the image will fill the space on your social media post, which is what you want.closeup hand holding phone shooting drink photograph

    3. The next step is to turn off your flash, make sure you aim at the point where the fireworks will explode, and then make sure the AF LOCK focus is on. You do this by holding your finger down on the screen until a yellow flashing box appears. Here is what that looks like on your phone. You never want to use flash to take pictures of fireworks at night.


    4. Use the “burst” feature to take the pictures. You do this by simply holding down the photo button as the fireworks are shot off. the moment you hear the firework shoot into the air, began to hold the photo button.

Remember to have fun and take a lot of pictures. To get that really great shot, you may have over 100 pictures that you take during the show. Once you find the perfect picture, you can then use an editing program to spice it up or simply post it as is. For myself, I like to play around with the editing features in Instagram.

I hope this makes your picture taking this 4th of July more fun!

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