Intentional Living By John Maxwell

If I had to choose one word for my coaching it would be intentional. My wish that that if I can impart anything to another person it would be to become intentional about your life and your business. Refuse to allow life to happen to you, but rather become so intentional that you happen to life.


I am a big fan of John’s book Intentional Living and here is why…

  1. John shows you how your life can be a great story
  2. How to live a life that matters
  3. How to believe BIG
  4. How to find your WHY
  5. How to put others FIRST
  6. How to find your SWEET SPOT
  7. Why it’s critical to connect with like-minded people
  8. How to partner with like-valued people
  9. How to become URGENT in seizing opportunities

Looking back in my life a big key for me to escape the poverty of the housing projects, was being intentional about my choices, decisions, and actions.

If you could only purchase one book in your entire life, buy Intentional Living and then do exactly what it says.

Speaker, Marketing and Branding Consultant

I help clients who want to take their personal brand to proven #1 expert status. My clients are big thinkers, visionaries a rebels who are not afraid to play big and are willing to invest their time, energy and money into building their brand, making a difference and leaving a legacy.