How to Embrace the Struggle in Sales

We call it the process. Success happens over time, not over night for everyone. No one is immune from the process and there are no lasting shortcuts to success. I have also learned that there is no end to the struggle. The struggle shows up when you lest expect it and it ask you if you have the strength and perseverance to get through. In my life in sales and as a coach here is what I have learned about the struggle.

The Struggle is REAL!

The Struggle Makes You Stronger written on desert road

R stands for RECOGNIZE that your success will come over time, not over night. You will also encounter the struggle. During your process it is critical to understand your strengths and weaknesses. I am an avid believer in assessments to help you identify the areas of your life that you will excel in doing and then find ways to outsource the rest.

E stands for EXPECT the unexpected. In sales you are going to make mistakes. John Maxwell teaches us that we should each fail forward fast. You can expect trouble, but you can also prepare for it in advance by being pro-active and setting up systems and relationships that will see you through the challenges.

A stands for ANTICIPATING the future. This goes to being pro-active in your approach. What can you do to navigate your team and your clients through a systematic process that has already anticipated the bumps in the road?

L stands for LEADERSHIP. One challenge that I make to everyone is to no longer view yourself as your profession, but instead to view yourself as a LEADER in your profession. Leaders take on challenges. Leaders value people. Leaders know the way and go the way while shouldering the blame when things go bad and giving the creadit to their team when wins come their way. If you want to embrace the struggle, you simply can not do it without embracing in your personal and professional growth in Leadership.

3 Branding Lessons From this Commercial That You Can Copy for Your Business

Remember Same is Lame

Branding lessons can be found just about everywhere once you train your brain to pick them up. Just recently we saw this TV commercial and I had to share with you some great branding lessons you can use for your business.

Here are three lessons you can use in your business if you are brave enough…

  • The Pig – Right away the pig walking on a leash is a shock because how often do you see a pig on a leash? In marketing I call this a pattern interruption. We would expect to see a dog on a leash but not a pig and that interrupts the pattern. They even point out how shocking it is to see a pig on on a leash in the video…just look at this kids face. What can you do in your business to create a patter interruption?
  • The Music – I am sure they had to pay some royalty fees for the right to use the song, but you can research a number of Royalty Free Music sites on the internet. We had the intro to our podcast created on Fiverr using royalty free music.
  • The Video Story – Video is hot right now. How could you recreate a video that tells your story like this for your brand image? Take notice of the various angles in the video shoot. This adds to the suspense and intrigue..

The bottom line is this…are you playing it safe with your personal brand or are you willing to be authentic and stand out?


Facebook Live Video

The Story of the Jacket and Your Brand

The other night a Real Estate Agent friend of mine sent me a FB message asking what I knew about the Facebook Live video feature and if she needed to be using it in her marketing. The truth was, I had not taken the time to fully investigate and learn about FB Live Video. Here is my first attempt at using FB Live…enjoy

How to Make True Connections with Your Personal Brand

It's not what you think


Whenever we put on a Personal Branding Mastery Seminar, we always talk about the three baseline fundamental to building your brand. Over the years, these three fundamentals have proven to be the catalyst for numerous opportunities. Never get lost in thinking your brand is about you. Get focused on these three fundamentals first.

  1. Your personal brand is not about you it’s about your client
  2. Your personal brand is about making authentic connections
  3. Bring more value than you extract

We recently adopted a new dog into the house. She is a German Shepard named Landry. One thing I recognized early is that she is incredibly smart to the point that I can use Landry in my own branding. I purchased a leash and collar to match the paintball jacket I wear to speak at the Personal Branding Mastery Seminars and then I made a “selfie” picture with her showing off her new threads. This is step one in “humanizing” Landry. She is a connection point for many people. The more I can bring her into the fold, the more connections we can make. It isn’t about business, it is about connecting following my 5 rules of sales..

  1. Connect first
  2. Start a Conversation
  3. Build a Realtionship
  4. Listen for Problems
  5. Provide Solutions

We even did a podcast on the Power of Pets in Your Business which you can listen to here.

3 Ways to Make Your New Sales Strategy an Enormous Success

View of the lake at sunset on the pier with legs and feet in first

In sales it is easy to want to seek out new strategies. We can run from place to place, seminar to seminar and person to person to find out “what’s working now” The problem is that what works for one, may or may not work for you. Here are 3 ways to make your new found strategy a success.

  1. You MUST take ownership of the strategy. Simply copying a strategy that worked for someone else may or may not work for you. You must understand that you will need to take full ownership of the strategy and deliver it with passion, excitement, and enthusiasm.
  2. You MUST execute the strategy. Learning is never enough. We must fully put into practice what we learn. For example, if you learn a new sales script for gaining referrals, but you deliver it in an unexciting tone and lack luster body language, it would be unreasonable to believe it would have the same results that the person you learned it from is receiving.
  3. You MUST bring the passion. Most trainers who talk about strategies they used to grow their business, miss the fact that they executed the strategy with full vigor. If you are going to take a sales strategy and make it work for you, then you must bring the passion.

There is nothing wrong with seeking out new ways of gaining business, just make sure that when you find them you will be as committed to their execution as the person you learned them from.