5 Keys To Slaying Your Goliath and Landing More Business!

Yesterday I was reminded of the David versus Goliath story once again. The Kansas Jayhawks who were the overall number one team in all of college basketball were beaten by small school from the Missouri Valley Conference – Northern Iowa. Arm chair enthusiast brackets were busted from the north to the south as I sincerely doubt anyone had expected this upset to occur.

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On paper the teams were clearly over-matched with Kansas holding the upper hand – but through it all this small school, Northern Iowa, persevered and won the game. The game wining shot was one that should not have been taken. Anyone who knows basketball, knows that you do not take a risky 3-point shot over running the clock down; however, this young team did just that! They took an ill advised shot against the number one team in the country and the gamble paid off.

My question is how does that happen and what does that mean for you in your business?

You may be sitting there thinking about your business. You may be saying that you don’t have the clout that the competitors have. You may not have the resources of the big guys in business, but does that mean you are out before you start? Not at all!

Here is what it takes to slay the Goliath in your business and win…

1. The Name on the Door is Not the Answer to Your Success! Your success is determined by YOU! Your Heart, Your Desire, Your Perseverance to not quit!

2. It takes Courage! You have to step outside the box and take risk. You have to go into situations that the “other guys” say is to difficult or can not be done.

3. It takes Confidence! When you step out, you need to have the confidence that the strategy you are going to use will work.

4. It takes Ignoring the Critics! You can not win if you listen to all the people who tell you that it is impossible – including those voices in your head.

5. It takes Action! At the end of the day your success is dependent on you. Will you make that next sales call? Will you contact the largest client? Will you take action?

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