The Easy Way to Download YouTube Videos to Your Computer

We recently begin working on a new video marketing project. I knew we wanted to make the video informational, appealing and funny. A little humor never hurts in business. As part of this project I wanted to find a way to download existing clips from YouTube and use those clips in our video.

downloadAfter a little but of research I discovered how to download existing YouTube videos, then place them in our final video. Here is what I did 

The first step is to find video clips that you would want to use. For our video I researched videos by going to YouTube and using the search bar to locate various clips. Once I found the clips I wanted to use, I simple inserted the two letters ss before the word youtube in the address bar and then hit enter. Here is a screen shot of what I did.

ssOnce you place the two letters ss before youtube, then you hit enter. What you will see next is a screen with download options. That will look like this screen shot



Based on your editing software (I use iMovie) simply click the blue link of the download you want. Once the file downloaded, I opened it in Quicktime, then I exported the file as a .mov so that I could then upload it into iMovie. Here is a screen shot of where I inserted 3 different clips into my iMovie file.

CLIPFrom this point I simply made my final edits, then uploaded the final movie to YouTube and Vimeo. Here is how it came out.



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